Paulownia Elongata Trees

These trees can grow as much as 20 ft. in one year. I have read that the best paulownia trees are grown in the Northern US because of the low temperatures that forces the trees to have smaller rings. In any case do not order this tree unless you are in zone 6 or better. All my Elongata trees come from root cuttings .

Planting instructions:
Pick a location full or partial sun. Dig a hole about 18 inches in diameter and 2 ft. deep. Fill the hole with good growing media such as Pro-Mix . Water and tamp well. Plant the tree in the middle of it making sure the entire root ball is covered with soill. Tamp well.

Sprinkle a couple of Osmocote doses about 4 inches from the trunk. Add about 6 inches of mulch all the way around the tree, but make sure the mulch does not touch the tree at all. The purpose of the mulch is only to keep the soil moist.

Over the next year you should water it every week or more often if it does not rain. The tree does not like to be in a soaking wet situation but it should not be allowed to be completely dry either. Add the equivalent of 1 lb of 10-10-10- fertilizer to the tree on the first week in December and again ion the first week in March.

This tree will grow from 15-20 ft. each year to reach about 100 ft. in height. It will flower in the third year, sometimes on the second year. The tree is expected to live for well over 80 years.

If you want this tree to be very straight and without any blemishes, remove any branches when they are less than 3 inches long. It is fine to leave the leaves, they will leave no knots. The tree is deciduous and all the leaves will drop in the fall. New leaves will grow back in the spring. There is no need to dispose of the dead leaves, they will biodegrade quickly.

Do not water the tree next year unless there is a drought. Since the mulch compacts after a while, you should replenish it from time to time. Feed it every year as indicated above.

Finally, The CURSE:

This tree will be where you plant it, long after you die, no matter how many times you cut it down.


Paulownia Elongata Tree 3-8 inches tall



8 Paulownia Elongata Trees 3-8 inches tall


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