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Hybrid Poplar Trees


You have come to the right place. Local customers have the advantage that they can pick up whatever I am growing, whenever they want.

All my trees in the greenhouse  have grown too much and I am forced to take them out into the garden. They are all growing in bags, I have Gazi,  3ft. 40 ea.  American Sycamore, 3ft. 30 ea. Silver Maple, 2 ft. 15,  Catalpa, 6″ 5,  Weeping willow,  10 2ft. and of course, I have the common privet and the California Privet . The last two are slow growers, so they are barely a foot tall.

This year I also have some food for bluebirds.  Pokeweed plants. Plant one of these (It is a perennial), it will grow and make some cherries which the bluebirds love. (don’t allow your kids to even touch these, they are poisonous to humans).  Want to know more about these? Send me an email or call me at 610-942-9114. It is not easy to add a page to this website, easier for you to send me an email. Yes, I have the pokeweed and I am growing 4 plants which will be about 6 ft. tall by the end of the year and taller yet next year.








If I reply to your email and the message does not go through because my email address needs to be “authorized first”… you will not get my message, or any other emails the system sends you.

Any e-mails you send will be replied by me, I answer the phone, and all concerns will come to me, no one else. At the end, I am the person responsible for making you so happy, you want to tell your neighbors about me! My guarantee: If any of my trees dies within a year, providing it was planted in fertile soil, PH from 5.5 to 7.5, you watered it and protected from frost if needed, I will replace it free of charge. I only ask you to pay for the shipping expenses.

If 5% or more trees die, you know there is something wrong with the soil and that has to be addressed before you try and plant any more trees. I suggest you get a soil test. Get the cheapest one, that is all you need
Do not to plant hybrid poplars in clay, the trees will die. When there is clay in your soil, you must figure out a way to plant the trees so they can reach water. Either plant deeper or Drill until good soil is found and replace the clay with good soil before you plant.
If you ordered cuttings and none of them sprouted, the answer is simple: you planted them upside down. That is not covered under the warranty.


While it is nice to hear your voice, and my cell is always within reach, I am much more comfortable reading your emails. I do have hearing aids and I tell people they are mostly for show, (I am close to deaf)

I also have a “Caption Call Phone”  which spells out everything that the caller says. It is backed up by some genius at the other end, and they type the words  the machine misses, however, it is not always accurate.

Yes I do have a cell phone,  when I am in my office calls just don’t not come in. If you call me at my cell phone 610 304-4762 and you get a hold of me, it is because I am in my truck away from home.  The best bet? Call me at home 610-942-9114.