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While it is nice to hear your voice, and my cell is always within reach, I am much more comfortable reading your emails. I do have hearing aids and I tell people they are mostly for show,

I also have a “Caption Call Phone” (paid by Obama but I did not ask for it!) which spells out everything that the caller says. It is backed up by some genius at the other end, and they type the words that the machine misses, however, it is not always accurate, it works something like this: Three old gentlemen were out for a walk. One of them said “It is windy today” the second said “No, it is Thursday” The third replied “Yes, I am thirsty, lets have a drink”. Email works better. Send me E-mail.

Yes I do have a cell phone, however, where I am ( my office) is in the worst location and calls will just not come in. If you call me at my cell phone (610 304-4762) and you get a hold of me, it is because I am in my truck away from home. .


This is my own personal website. I had luvcite install it and they took over 2 years and never finished. Now I am taking over and getting a new SEO to finish it.