I don’t have to tell you that we need more, many more trees growing in these United States, and I am doing  my part to help.  Starting in 2020, I had a  campaign with gofundme in which I collected almost 1000 dollars in  the first 2 months, and I shipped 480 free trees  all over the US, in small packages of 16 cuttings each to anyone who requested them.

I am not with gofundme any more, they would not allow me to list my email address, so my readers could request the kits then I had to move the effort in my website and continue my campaign without them.

I will be doing this from now on, my goal is to make this country green and you, my readers will help me achieve that goal some day.  For now, I still have  320 more trees to ship and I don’t have the funds to do it.  See, it is like this. For every $31  donated I will ship one kit of 16 cuttings, soil, grow bags, full instructions, enough soil to make 16 healthy trees which can be transplanted in about 2 months, anywhere they want. When you donate, please try to make it as a gift, that way Paypal will not take the 3%  fee. Paypal does not always give you that choice.

Not only that,  as those trees grow 1 year, each one of them can be converted into 100 cuttings which will make more and more trees.  For every kit shipped we can have  1600 more trees on that first year and 160,000 on the next year.   The sky is the limit!  And my users know how to take cuttings!

I have started receiving donations. Since my green pages are not finished, I will put any new information on this page to make sure I am completely transparent. Donations as well as kits shipped.


Martin Glista  2/26/21  Kalamazoo MI   $96.80