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This is a list of the cuttings/seeds I am growing. Sorry more photos will be added as trees get some leaves or flowers.


Bagged trees - Root ball - Live trees

All items are shipped same or next day from Glenmoore. PA Trees are from 1 to 2 ft. tall. Every tree shipped includes Osmocote in granular form.

Hybrid poplars are not guaranteed at elevations of over 4500 ft., However, I have a customer who planted 25 OP-367 at Castle Rock, CO. in 2003 (6000 ft. elevation) and have been growing with no problem.

American Beautyberry.The American Beautyberry is a deciduous shrub that grows to 10 feet in height. The shrub blooms in July with light purple flowers. The flowers grow along the twigs at the base of the leaf axils. By fall, these blooms develop into clusters of dark red berries that attract birds. The berries last until late in the season.

Type= Beautyberry

American Sycamore One of the largest eastern hardwoods, with an enlarged base, massive, straight trunk, and large, spreading branches forming a broad open crown. Height 80-100 ft. The present champion trunk is 11 ft. in diameter. Bark peels off in large thin flakes exposing patches of brown, green and gray. A beautiful tree for street lining. Grows about 4 ft. per year.


Black Pussy Willow, grows to 30 ft Zones 4 to 8. Looking for a conversation piece? Here it is!
Type=Black Pussy Willow

Butterfly Bush Bicolor, grows to 10 ft.
Type=bicolor Butterfly

California Privet – Ligustrum ovalifolium.- . This bush can grow 3 ft. in one season. full height is 15 ft. and about 4 ft. wide. You can leave it alone or trim it to your taste. If you decide to trim it, you will have to do it about 4 times a year to keep it tidy After trimming it a couple of times this bush will grow 7 ft. in one year.

Type=California Privet

Common Privet – Ligustrum Vulgare or European Privet.- The favorite bush being grown in the Hamptons. .I have 40 of these right now, they range from 6 to 12 inches tall and all of them are growing but very few are fully rooted. I will be checking them again byy the end of April. This bush is capable of growing 3 ft. in one season. full height is 15 ft. and about 4 ft. wide. You can leave it alone or trim it to your taste. If you decide to trim it, you will have to do it about 4 times a year to keep it tidy After trimming it a couple of times this bush will grow 7 ft. in one year. Topiaries are a specialty that can be done with these bushes, you just need to trim it often.

Type=Common Privet

Coyote Willow Sandbar Willow. (Salix Exigua) The solution for riparian problems. This tree can be planted right in the water and it will grow up to 25 ft. as a tree or as a thicket. Good addition for wildlife cover .

Type=Coyote Willow

Ginkgo Biloba

Gazi – poplar
A replacement for the Lombardy Poplar. This tree is originally from the Poplar Research Station in Turkey. It is also called 56/52 and it is a pure Populus Nigra, not a hybrid. This tree is resistant to canker, insects and to cold. It has grown with no problems in Minnesota. Grows to 75 ft. in about 10 years.The gazi lives about 40 years.


Ginkgo Biloba. Seen very rarely all over the US, however there is a park in Pottstown PA that has about 200 of these, and plenty of very large ginkgos are in a St Louis MO Park. The only tree that survived the Nagasaki bombing in Japan during WWII. Beautiful fan shaped leaves, grows to 115 feet. Fossils from this tree have been found in China, dated 225 million years old. – I found this bonsai rendition of a ginkgo at a Chinese museum in Vancouver WA. some years back.


Golden Privet Slow grower, this amazing plant provides vibrant hues that seem to actually glow when the sun is shining down on it. Planted in full sun, the compact shrub comes alive in the summer with an astounding lemon-color radiance. Grows about 10 ft.
Type=Golden Privet

Heuchera. Very small pink flowers in a very long stem, that is the signature of the heucheras. The one I have has pink flowers.

Hybrid Poplar OP-367 Male. The everyday hybrid poplar, grows to 100 ft. and 40 ft. wide in about 10 years. I grow 1000 of these for retail sales every year. This tree outsells all other hybrids 10 to 1. If you want this tree for wood burning like most everybody, plant it 6 ft. apart. It can be cut in 5 years when the trunks will be 6 inches in diameter I picked this tree among 32 different clones as the best in the group.The tree will regenerate from the stump. I sold all tall trees, all I have is 60 that are about 3-6″ tall.


Moringa: This tree is being used all over the world to fight malnutrition. Originally from India, has been introduced in every country and it is being cultivated in every temperate territory. Moringa is not hardy so it can be cultivated outdoors only in Texas, Florida, Arizona and Southern California. Moringa is not easy to start from seeds as they advertize and If you are not in any of these, you can still grow it as a bonsai and reap its benefits. A word of advise: If you have little moringa plants, they do not like temperatures below 60. I am growing 40of them which you can order from this page or you can buy seeds from this page.



PAULOWNIA TREES. Paulownia Elongata – Empress Tree. Probably the tallest one of them, the elongata lives to be 80 years and it is about 70 ft. tall. I have close to 400 of these and are 4 to 6 inches tall now.

Red Twig Dogwood Perennial bush, grows to about 10 ft. White flowers in early summer and purple seeds in the fall. Bright red twigs show after all the leaves have fallen in the winter.

Type=Red Twig

Rose of Sharon Red


Salix Caprea French willow, Normally it grows on the ground, it must be trained to be upright. The sky is the limit! .

Salix Discolor Pussy Willow None available at this time

Salix Integra – Dappled willow
“Hakuro Nishiki”
This rare, graceful fast-growing 5-10′ shrub has elegant habit & eye-catching leaves brilliantly variegated with large patches of white and pink most of the season. A striking accent sure to be noticed. Also called tricolor willow. Normally this bush will grow like the miiyabeana(below) but you can train it as a “Standard” as seen here.


Salix Miyabeana – Basket willow
The tree chosen by the japanese for basketry – Used for hedges and living walls.- Ornamental 20 ft. pdf file.

Salix Nigra – Black willow
The largest and most important of the New World willows It can reach 140 ft. with a trunk of 4 ft. in diameter. It can be grown as a thicket or as a tall tree. Ideal for wildlife refuge.

Salix Pendula – Pendula Willow While this tree has many buds along the branches, the thicker branches do not have any buds, This tree is so prolific that it does not need buds to procreate. It sprouts from anywhere. This tree will grow about 50 ft. in 7 years and its branches will touch the ground. The every day willow, I found this specimen a few years back at one of the boulevards in Thorndale PA.


Salix Purpurea – Purple willow
Arctic Willow.Salix purpurea. Bluish Greenish small leaves. Grows to 3 ft.


Salix Smithiana
Used mainly in basketry, grows to 20 ft..

Salix Tortuosa – Corkscrew Willow If you want a conversation piece tree, this would be it! Grows rapidly to 35 ft.


Salix Tortuosa Golden Curls Same as the corkscrew willow, Golden Curls, grows to 35 ft..
(16)Type-Golden Curls

Salix Triandra – Black Maul
One of europe’s most used basketry willows, this 20′ shrub/tree is also “an outstandingly attractive… willow with exceedingly nice glossy (leaves) and spectacular display of candle-like male catkins”.


Spirea prunifolia Bridal Wreath 8x8x8bush covers itself with white flowers during the Spring and summer..

Spirea Little Princess Small 6x6x6 bush covers itself with pink and white flowers during the Spring and summer..

Stevia, the sugar plant
This plant has been used for many centuries in South America as a sweetener. It is just arriving in America, many sugar companies are against this because the use of stevia will most likely ruin their businesses. Stevia is a natural sweetener without any calories and it is safe for diabetics to use freely. The plant is stripped from its leaves, the leaves are dried and ground, then they can be added to cakes, breads, coffee or tea.
While the plant is a perennial, it is not hardy and must be taken indoors during the winter, that is why it is grown in large containers. Stevia extracts can be found in the supermarket under several different names such as Truvia, Stevia (Walmart) and others.


Weigela Red flowers most of the year

Wisteria Purple/Blue flowers. If grown from seed will flower in 6 years, Grown from cuttings will flower in 2 years.

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