What can we do about Global Warming?

 The lack of trees may end up killing us.

Just like the honey bees. Albert Einstain said After all the honey bees die, men will disapear within 3 years.

The grant’s main purpose is to plant trees in every corner of the US, any place that can stand a tree should have one.The proposal does not discuss what trees should be planted. At this time I’ts only concern is with making America Green. Every field, every back yard, every front yard, every place where a tree can be planted, should be planted. Even fields that are now planted with crops can have trees. Strategically placed, the trees can provide beneficial shade to crops.

My goal here at Hybrid Poplars is also to make America green, I have sold many thousands of hybrid poplar cuttings over many years at very modest price and I have instructed my customers on how to propagate these indefinitely but at the end of the day, I am only one person and I feel I am invisible to the big guys.

It does not take much to plant a tree. Dig a hole, put the tree in it, back fill and water. That is all there is to it. In a few years that tree will be helping to reduce the carbon dioxide and making some oxygen.

No sense in blaming the other guy, it is our responsibility. No one elses. We will have to plant millions of trees, yes, millions of them to be able to start making some headway. Carbon is going thru the roof and oxygen is diminishing That means it is everybody will have to help and it is not hard, I will supply the trees, you do the rest. Later on this year I will write(below) some guidelines to distribute these trees to people who is willing to plant them.We start from scratch, yes, from cuttings, grow the trees for a couple of months and then we plant them in the ground..

What kind of trees should we grow? It depends on the climate of each region, however, here is one example: The Sugar Maple. A beautiful tree, grows slowly but will live to be 400 years old. That is about 12 generations. For most of their lives the sugar maples will provide us with clean maple syrup. I say clean because just about any syrup we buy at the store has carcigenous substances (sodium benzoate) that are banned all over the world, except in the USA.

What can you do to help? Contact the NSF and inquire about the grant proposal. Make sure they at least look at it. Remember the name of the grant is Propagate and Plant Billions of Trees in America. Nobody other that Peter Martin is even trying to provide solutions to the global warming. Let’s make sure this grant is approved.

Please visit my gofundme.com/f/globalwarmingcampaign to learn more about this project. I am sending a free kit to anybody who requests one.


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