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 Single trees or a box of 8 trees. Post office will not  insure them.

Bagged trees   Live trees

All items are shipped same or next day from Glenmoore. PA
Trees are from 1 to 2 ft. tall. Every tree shipped includes Osmocote in granular form

3In addition to the trees above, I have some I saved from last year, they are in my garden, please give them time to come out of dormancy. They should be ready by the second week in April

American Sycamore 30  • Red Twig dogwood 4 • Silver Maple 20 • Pendula Willow 16 • Corkscrew Willow 6 • Black Willow 15 • Salix Miyabeaum 15 • Salix Purpurea 15 • Silver Maple 20 • Salix Smithiana 15 • Black Pussy Willow 15 • Dwarf Alberta Spruce – 3″ TALL • Dapple Willow 15 • OP-367 50+ 

These are for sale specially for local customers. Come and pick whatever you want and they are $7 each.

As they come out of dormancy I will make sure they are in good shape and ready to be picked up.

If you are not local you can always send me an email telling me what you want. Best price you get if you order 8 because that is what I can put in a box and all the space will be used. You pay shipping.