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 Single trees or a box of 8 trees.

Bagged trees   Live trees

All items are shipped same or next day from Glenmoore. PA
Trees are from 1 to 2 ft. tall. Every tree shipped includes Osmocote in granular form

In addition to the trees above, I have some I saved from last year, they are in my garden.

American Sycamore 30  • Red Twig dogwood 4 • Silver Maple 20 • Pendula Willow 16 • Corkscrew Willow 6 • Black Willow 15 • Salix Miyabeaum 15 • Salix Purpurea 15 • Silver Maple 20 • Salix Smithiana 15 • Black Pussy Willow 15 • Dappled Willow 15 • OP-367 50+ 

These are for sale specially for local customers. Come and pick whatever you want and they are $7 each.

If you are not local you can always send me an email telling me what you want. Best price you get if you order 8 because that is what I can put in a box and all the space will be used. You pay shipping.