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As you know Brazil with its rinforests provides about 20% of all the oxygen needed in the world for us to breath confortably. The rest of the world provides the other 80%, but there are many holes in between, China, for example does not contribute at all in making Oxygen. The US contributes with less than 10%. Yes, we are also at fault for removing many thousands of trees.

Being the most potent country in the world should not be the country that contributes the most  oxygen? We have plenty of land that is just been wasted. If we were to plant a few trillion trees, we could probably be the country that is responsible for giving this world all the oxygen we need for many years.

There are over 300 million of us. What if every one of us were to give a dollar to the cause? we would be able to plant 516,000 trees on one year. It is possible to multiply that amount  by 100 in one year and we would have 51 million trees in a couple of years. No, that is not enough. We are going to need a few trillion trees.

How hybrid poplar works. On the first year you plant one tree. On the second year you take cuttings from that tree and you will have now 100 trees. On the third year you could again take cuttings and plant them again and your end result would be 10000 trees. In 3 years, if you started with one tree, you can have 10 thousand trees. the 4th year you could have one million trees, And this is if you start with only one tree. What if you start with 16 of them?

There are people in this country that would not mind sitting for a few minutes with his children and show them how to plant trees. These people probably can not afford to have 16 trees and here is their chance. The children learn this from very early in life and can then do this in the future when they have not 16 but  2 million of these. 

 So, how are the donations used? For every  $31 donated I ship free a kit of 16 trees to anybody who will ask for them in the US, no questions asked, I expect they will be responsible enough to grow these and plant them anywhere they want, also to take cuttings and make many more trees to give away. This tree is not only not invasive but it is in the public domain.