Free Hybrid Poplar Cuttings

Free Hybrid Poplar Cuttings

While there are over 500 different hybrid poplar clones that have been “manufactured”, I carry only the one I think is the best of all, the OP-367. This tree grows 10 ft. on the first year alone. These cuttings are capable of growing to an astonishing 100 ft. in height with a crown 40 ft. wide in only 10 years. No matter which hybrid poplar you plant, you can be sure that it is NON GMO. Hybrid poplars that are genetically modified are not accessible to the general public, therefore every clone I have is NON GMO and I am very happy about that.                                       

Planting hybrid poplars indoors: You do this if it is the middle of winter and you don’t have a greenhouse. Fill the bags (I will send you 5 grow bags with the cuttings) with good potting soil (be sure there is no fertilizer in the soil, as it could kill the cuttings).
A soilless soil you can buy is the pro-mix. To get the Pro-Mix (BX with Mycorrhizal) get a hold of a manufacturer’s rep who can direct you to the store where you can buy it. The manufacturer’s web site is at From the front page click on Distributors and then click on Modify to select your State. There will be a few listings of distributors with phone numbers in your state. They should be able to direct you to a retailer who handles pro-mix in small packages. Insert the cuttings all the way into the soil so the top bud is barely showing out of the soil. The bud should be facing up. Putting the cuttings in the soil upside down will kill them. Water well (there is a vent hole in the bottom, so a saucer or a small tray is advisable) and place the bags in a sunny window sill with southern exposure if at all possible. Keep the container moist but not wet. Cuttings need at least 65 degrees to sprout.

 OP-367 in Grow Bag

OP-367 hybrid poplar cutting

Propagating Complete propagation information is included with the cuttings.

My ambition is to help ‘green’ the world and it can be done if everyone helps. From every package of 5 free cuttings there are potentially 30,000 trees in 2 years and 3 million in 3 years! but I am not going to ship only one package, the plan is to send at least 5000 of them every year!

Some of you will feel that just propagating them is not enough fun, then grow them (in bags) and when they are about a foot tall, sell them. I sell over 1000 of them every year and I charge $7 for each tree.

While the OP-367 has been used extensively for many years in Phytoremediation projects all over the US by agencies complying with the EPA’s requirements to remove dissolved metals from the environment, the homeowner has been kept in the dark about the tree and its benefits, specially to the environment.

Nurseries do not help either. If you ask for a hybrid poplar at any nursery they will tell you they don’t carry them. Why? Several reasons: It grows too fast for their ‘repeat sales projects’. it is too inexpensive and they cannot make money on it, they know you can get a canopy over your head in only 3 years which you cannot do with a Japanese maple and finally, you can propagate it to no end! That really hurts their profits. The OP-367 grows from Zone 2 in Canada to zone 11 in the Texas Panhandle.

After you plant the trees outside, they need very little encouragement to grow. They will be happy if you just give them water every other week for the first year, and happier if you fertilize them every month or so They will look their best with 48 inches of rain yearly but it will get by with only 22 inches. They will require no attention at all after that.They can be cut down at any time (any season) and will resprout from the stumps!

I have 10 trees that I use for cuttings- (You can come and see them) grow from the stump 16 ft. in one year. I cut them down every year to about 4″ from the ground. The point I am trying to get across is that the more you trim them, the more they grow.

I sold many of these trees to homeowners who just wanted to have a quick living fence or quick shade… well, after 3 years they changed their minds and decided to keep the trees. These trees have something that makes you like them…

7-year-old OP-367 in Northern Mississippi.
The lady under the tree, Debbie.

5-year-old OP-367 trees in Batavia NY

You get a Quick Start Kit with the following:

5 OP-367 cuttings (free)
5 grow bags
1 envelope rooting hormone
Planting and propagation information.
Please do ask me to make changes to that, the envelopes are filled months in advance.


Wow Frank, this is a huge idea! If everyone takes part we really CAN have cleaner air and a greener planet. Thank you so much for my free cuttings. Its unbelievable how one little tree can grow so fast. I received my free cuttings in November and by January they're already almost a foot tall (10"). I cant wait to see how well they do this summer! Thanks!


Another way to pay - Money Orders or silver quarters

Not interested in just 5 cuttings? want more? Please visit the Cuttings page and find plenty of choices
or just start at the front page of my web site and take it from there.

I have been shipping these cuttings for 5 years, the cuttings are completely free. I have other expenses such as printing, envelopes, grow bags, labor,Hormodin, Cart fees, Paypal commission and the postage is now $4.06. You will pay only $6.50 plus $2.00 for handling.

Shipping: You will get a tracking number. That is the reason you pay $3.75 for postage

Below, a couple of my 16 tree kits. Clone shown is the OP-367.

Video shows 4 weeks of growth.


5 Hybrid Poplar Cuttings (OP-367) 5 grow bags,
hormodin and instructions.
Canadian Customers: Send me email, I can ship you these cuttings, postage will be $12.25 and the other stuff will be 6.50, total $18.75. Send me your name and full address.