Shipping Charges Refunds


If the cart overcharged you on your order, I will refund any excess. It works like this:

I take your items to the post office where they get the postage. When I get back here, I calculate the postage I paid plus $2 for handling and then I take that from what you paid. Sometimes the refund is substantial, I have made refunds as high as $50 and as small as 1.05. If the difference is less than a dollar either way, I don’t bother with it. Every order goes thru that process, and nobody pays more than what I paid.

So, now you know, there is no need to tell me that the postage is too high, I never look at that until I am back from the post office.

Yes, you can tell everyone, this is the only web site that makes refunds without being asked!. And I am proud of it.

Any questions please E-mail me