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Plastic Grow Bags

I make 3 bag sizes. The 1/8 of a gallon which I have been selling for the last 6 years, (6.5″X2″x1.75″). When open they are about 5.5 inches tall., the half a gallon (4″X4″x9″) and the gallon (5″X5″x11″). All bags are made out of a black plastic called HDPE and are 3 mills thick. The smaller bags are only 2 mils thick.  This makes them very strong and durable They are reusable. They are also UV protected. I designed the small bags with the idea of planting trees. I have a few thousand trees planted in them, some, the slow movers, have been in the same bag for 3+ years. All the bags have a vent hole in the bottom.

The half gallon bags are 4X4X9 inches. Fill them to within an inch of the rim. These were designed for Perennials. The 1 gallon bags are 5x5x11 inches I use them for trees only, in fact I have poplars in them.

I am sending free samples of these bags, just send me an email with your name and address, and the word “bag” in the subject line. I will ship you all 3 sizes by return mail.

The White Coroplast trays shown above fit 4 half gallon bags or 16 1/8 gallon bags and are available below.

The trays are shipped to you flat, along with 24 male and 24 female fasteners.To assemble, first bend the large flap towards the inside (follow the creases) and then the larger flap over it. See photos. Insert a fastener in the hole in one side of the flaps and the opposite fastener in the other side and press them together. Now do the other 3 corners the same way. Reinforce the fasteners by pressing them together with a pair of pliers to just tap them with a hammer.

The trays are not waterproof, however you can make them waterproof by adding a drop of “Goop” (Home Depot Paint Department) in each corner.

I use these trays mainly with 1/8 Gallon bags. I water my plants from below only (unless it rains). Trees can stay in the bags for very long periods of time

Trees that have been in the bags for a long time may give you some trouble to take out. Cut off all the roots sticking out of bottom of the bag, squeeze the bag all the way around to give the tree some room and then just pull it out gently from the trunk while holding it upside down and pulling the bag up. It slides out every time and the root ball is solid. I do this often when I am upgrading trees to a larger bag.
Place your order below. I use USPS Priority Mail for all my shipments, that way you get your order within 2 days.

Buying bags?
Please read this: All my half gallon and one gallon bags are prepackaged in flat rate boxes from the USPS.
The large box mails for $ 21.90 with Delivery Confirmation
Medium box mails for $ 15.50 With Delivery Confirmation

I can put 500 1 gallon bags in a large flat rate box, 1000 1/2 gallon bags in a large flat rate box and 1000 1/8 gallon bags in a medium flat rate box. There is more room in most of these bags to put other stuff such as openers or scoops, so if you place an order that has other items, if they fit in the box I will put them there. The shopping cart will probably charge you for 3 or 4 boxes when I can put all of them in one box. Don’t worry about it, I check every order so you don’t pay more than what I pay. I will send you a refund when I charge your card, or send you a Paypal refund when the order is shipped.

If you are ordering 1/8 gallon bags, I strongly suggest to buy also a bag opener or make your own. It makes the task of opening the bags much easier, the bottoms are flat and square and the bags will stand up by themselves.

All my grow bags are made in America (Hudson, MA) the scoops are made in Thailand, I found some made in the USA but they are made out of flimsy plastic. The bag openers, I make.

1/8 gallon Bags. These bags are 2 mills thick, 2x2x6 inches with a 1/4" drain hole on the bottom

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Plastic bags 1/8 Gallon 16 Each

Plastic bags 1/8 Gallon 100 Each

Plastic bags 1/8 Gallon 500 Each

Plastic bags 1/8 Gallon 1000 Each

Plastic bags 1/8 Gallon 4000 Each

Half Gallon Bags

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Plastic bags 1/2 Gallon 100 Each

Plastic bags 1/2 Gallon 500 Each

Plastic bags 1/2 Gallon 1000 Each

One Gallon Bags

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Plastic bags 1 Gallon 100 Each

Plastic bags 1 Gallon 500 Each

Plastic bags 1 Gallon 1000 Each

Other needs

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1/8 gallon bag opener Shipped unpainted and unassembled.

1/2 Gallon bag opener Shipped unpainted and unassembled You could add a heavy base to this tool.

Aluminum 1/8 ga scoop - 5 oz.

Heavy Duty Aluminum scoop to fill 1/2 gallon bags- 12 oz.

Newbie Special

The item below includes 100 1 gallon bags, 100 half gallon bags, 100 1/8 gallon bags, aluminum 5 oz. scoop instead of the one shown in the photo, and a small bag opener. $45.00. Shipping is $12.35 (medium flat rate box) and $2 for handling. Order total is $59.35 anywhere in the US.

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Newbie Special See photo below


These bags are 5 (right) and 7 gallons (left), already have drain holes and are 6 mils thick

I took the picture of both bags so you could see them side by side, I don’t really see much difference. The 7 gallon is about 1.5″ taller. You can grow whatever you want, potatoes, tomatoes, flowers, etc. They are white on the outside to reflect the heat and black on the inside which prevents the growth of algae.

Coroplast Trays

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Coroplast trays. Made to fit 16 grow bags in each 6 trays, 96 trees in total. Shipped flat. Sorry the cost of Coroplast just went up 20%.

Cutting Planter

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Cutting Planter More info