Valley Forge Elm

Ulmus Americana - The American Elm

The long gone American Elm is back!

The national arboretum has announced the release of the Valley Forge. We welcome it as a replacement for the long gone American Elm.

Please visit, this web site has all you always wanted to know about the elm tree, hundreds of photos and plenty of information.

There are other new elms such as the Jefferson, American Liberty, Princeton, Washington and the New Harmony, but the Valley Forge seems to be by far the tree that has the best resistance against the dreaded Dutch Elm Disease that killed millions of elms on the latter half of the last century.

Order your Valley Forge Elm trees below.

PA15 Valley Forge Elm tree 1-2 ft
Sorry, at this time I don't have any shippable trees,
I should have some by July or so..

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