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Gazi Poplar Live Tree



Yes, I am human and we make a lot of mistakes. the one I made was planting about 200 of these around my garden. The idea was to stop grown hugs from entering my garden and eating all 50 heads of lettuce in just one incursion.  While the idea was good and I got some of the trees to grow so the trunks touch each other, the trees grew so fast that they were about 20 ft. tall and they were giving unwanted shade to my garden. The gazis are very narrow, only about 6 ft. and it would be nice if they stopped growing at about 10 ft. The only thing I could do at that time was to trim them down. It was the middle of July and I went with my chainsaw and cut them all down to about 5 ft.  It looked good. Little I knew I had just killed just about every one of my trees.  You don't cut trees until they are dormant. 

Gazi is a replacement for the Lombardy Poplar. This tree is originally from the Poplar Research Station in Turkey. It is also called 56/52 and it is a pure Populus Nigra, not a hybrid. This tree is resistant to canker, insects and to cold. It has grown with no problems in Minnesota. Grows to 75 ft. in about 10 years. When dormant time came and then realized that most of my trees did not look too good. Today, February, I know I have to cut all the trunks down. I did find some branches that did not die, I took 100 cuttings which I will be growing to replace the damage I made and start growing some cuttings for next year.

Sorry, this year, 2022 I have no trees or cuttings.