Watersorb, a polymer

Watersorb, a polymer

This polymer has a special quality which prompted me to carry it. It hydrates instantly!

When you get it do this experiment:
Add a pinch of polymer to a glass of water. Wait about 30 seconds and pour the contents of the glass into a colander lined with a paper towel. You will be surprised to see how much water remains in the paper towel, water that has been trapped by the polymer! About 100 times the amount of polymer you added. (Dont come back to me complaining that the floor got all wet, do this over the sink).

Watersorb is a very fine white powder and it may very easily become airborne. You don’t want to breath that stuff, so, don’t apply it to your garden when it is windy.

The manufacturer’s advise on how much to use is simple. Use one tablespoon of polymer per tree. This product will stay active for 3 years or so and it does not only benefit poplar trees, you can use it all over your garden, in your house plants, wherever you need to have water retained. I add it to every house plant I repot.

In commercial installations polymers save money by cutting down on irrigation by as much as 50 percent.

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