In a few words, an enclosure to protect electronic devices. These devices can be as small as a PC board, or as large as an airplane. Once the item is surounded by a Faraday Cage, it is protected from Electromagnetic pulses of any magnitud. When I was in the Army, I worked for a while inside a Faraday Cage. It was a hangar and we were working with Radar equipment.

You must have heard of the possibility of us getting zapped by the sun the same way it happened in 1859, only then we did not have any electronic devices of any kind, so, nothing was lost with the exception of a few transformers in the east Coast.

There is plenty of information about this on the Internet, but take it all with a grain of salt, even the information on this page, I can't tell the veracity of it. If the Sun happens to send us another one of those EMPs, everything will be fried, cell phones, ipads, computers, cars, boats, airplanes, anything that has electronics in it.

There is a possibility also that another government may explode a EMP device only 20 miles above the US, that is all that is needed to throw us back into the stone age... for the next 20 years.

To have a little piece of mind, I just purchased for my own use some Anti-static bags which replace a Faraday Cage. (Technology!) The way you use it, you put your ipad, tablet or whatever electronic equipment you want to protect in the bag, and seal it. That is it!

No, you can not have it charging, that defeats the purpose of the bag. These bags are 9X12 inches and are reclosable. Large enough to put a couple of small ipads in it along with a camera and probably a shaver. Leave your electronic equipment in the bag every time you are not using it. You may want to have more than one bag, to keep them in different rooms.

This item will be shipped only to people who are ordering other stuff from my web site at the same time. The problem is shipping costs. If I have to package it , it will cost me about $6 to ship it, but if I include with your order, I don't pay any exra shipping.

PA271 Static Shield 9"X12" $4.00
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