Indoor Gardening? Advantages for Using LED Lights

Indoor Gardening - Advantages of using LED lights

Indoor gardening is equally as satisfying as having an outdoor garden, and you have the benefit of not getting sunburned! There is however one item that can detract from the beauty of an indoor garden, and can also be quite expensive. Grow lights. Most indoor gardens require grow lights to give plants the needed amount of sun light to flourish and be healthy. Grow lights use a lot of electricity, and their harsh bright light is not pleasing to the eye.

For these reasons many people are opting to use led lights for their indoor gardening needs. Led lights have several advantages that make them the wise choice for indoor gardens.

Advantages of Led Lights

Led lights use far less energy than conventional grow light, and the average life span of the lights is 50,000 hours! They are one source of lighting that is used for going green.

Instead of being hampered by placement of grow lights, leds are flexible so you can place them where you need them. This feature also eliminates the need for bulky light reflectors.

Led lights emit virtually no heat, allowing them to be placed as close to the plant as is needed. This can be extremely valuable with cascading plants, providing sun light everywhere on the plant for luscious growth.

Some plants respond better to different colors of light. There is a grest selection of led lights, in all colors needed and/or wanted. Experiment with light colors to see which plants like blue, green, yellow or red. The addition of colored lights gives the garden a wonderful soft glow that appeals to the eye, and highlights the plants.

Because led lights do not emit heat, they actually protect your plants from burn spots or fading blooms. With the use of these lights plants are actually more vibrant and flower longer than when using conventional grow lights.

NOTE: Your plants will require less watering when using led lights. Since the lights do not emit heat the plants do not dry out as quickly.